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Each Bull Party event has something for everyone. It is an event with both beginner and professional divisions. At the event, there will be five teams, each named for their sponsor.

Bull Party I

Fort Collins, CO

Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon

Join our next party at Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon in Fort Collins, CO. Test yourself with the ultimate man vs. beast challenge and compete for prizes, bragging rights, and thrill.

How It Works

Don't worry. We'll train you.

Leading up to the event, qualified coaches will provide tips and training through social media. The day of the event, the beginner riders will have some basic skill training with their coaches. They will also have access to quality equipment to use during their ride. After about an hour of instruction, the Bull Party will begin.

Safety Rules

No guts, no glory.

We will prepare you with training in the basics of bull riding, and provide a controlled atmosphere which is run by an experienced team. But don't forget: you will be riding a wild animal and that comes with risks. Bull Party cannot guarantee the safety of any competitors. But don't sweat. At the beginner level, you are less likely to see serious injuries.

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Event Schedule

9 AM
Beginners Group 1 Check In
10:00 AM
Beginner Group 1 meets with Coaches. Coaches will go over basic fundamentals, chute procedure, and equipment.
11:00 AM
Music Festival Begins
11:00 AM
Bull Party starts! Group 1 (the first 25 beginner bull riders) will get on during this time. Each team will have one person ride, and then repeat. This will allow the coach and next rider enough time to get equipment on and any additional coaching.
12:00 PM
Beginner Group 2 Check in
1:00 PM
Beginner Group 2 meets with Coaches. Coaches will go over basic fundamentals, chute procedure, and equipment.
2:00 PM
Bull Party continues! Group 2 (the second 25 beginner bull riders) will get on during this time. Each team will have one person ride, and then repeat. This will allow the coach and next rider enough time to get equipment on and any additional coaching.
5:00 PM
Music Festival Headliner
6:00 PM
Calcutta Auction: Top 10 Beginner Bull Riders from the day will come back to get on one more bull that night. Calcutta allows family and friends to bet on their favorite rider, and possibly win money and a buckle.
7:00 PM
Professional Bull Riding starts! 30 professional bull riders ride. The top 10 beginners from earlier in the day will ride in the Beginner Championship round. And then the top 5 of the 30 professionals will ride in the Professional Championship round.
10:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Jeans. A long sleeved button-up shirt. Bring a mouth guard. Boots with a heel, if you have them. If you do not have boots, that is perfectly fine. We will have boots available to use.

How should I prepare for the ride?

Athletes should be physically fit and as flexible as possible. Yoga and core strengthening exercises are ideal to prepare. Athletes must be sober. Clear your mind and prepare to manage the fear and emotion that will build up.

Isn’t bull riding dangerous?

Absolutely. There is no way to guarantee a competitor’s safety at Bull Party. However, what we can offer is a controlled environment, expert coaching and assistance, and quality equipment to ride in.

Why does the bull buck? Does Bull Party inflict pain to get the bulls to be aggressive?

This is a common misconception of bull riding and completely wrong. The only thing that is added to assist in making a bull buck, is a flank rope. A flank rope is a cotton braided rope that goes around the bull’s waist and rests in front of their hip bones. This is what causes the bull to kick. It is not painful to the bull, they are simply trying to kick it off. Bulls are bred to buck. Certain breeds are naturally more athletic, and some can be naturally more aggressive than others.

Do the riders wear vests and helmets for protection?

A vest must be worn when riding. A rider doesn’t have to wear a helmet if they choose not to, but Bull Party highly recommends that you do.

What are some of the most dangerous aspects of riding bulls?

You can be hurt in a multitude of ways when riding bulls. The most common times people get injured is when you are in the bucking chute preparing for the ride, or simply getting stepped on after you get bucked off.

Do you know exactly when you will ride the day of Bull Party?

Not exactly, but you will know what group you are riding in (1 or 2) and what order you are riding in for that group. So, you should be able to have a rough idea to tell family and friends.

What is the prize for winning the Beginners Bull Party?

The winner will win a custom Championship Buckle. Other prizes will be given out, but it is still TBD.

What equipment will be provided by Bull Party?

Bull Party will provide all of the essential equipment needed to ride a bull; rope, glove, bells, boots, spurs, boot straps, vest, and helmet. Riders can bring their own equipment if they would like. You can also purchase your own equipment through Bull Party. Contact us today!

What type of bulls will the beginner riders be getting on?

The beginner riders will be getting on beginner bulls that are perfect for first time riders. The bulls will not be nearly as athletic as the professional bulls. They are all different sizes and breeds. Some big, some small. Some with horns, some without horns. Some mean ones, some nice ones. But overall… The level of difficulty will be similar. The bulls in the championship round, may be a level higher than the bulls that will be in the bull riding during the day, but ultimately these are live animals that are unpredictable.

How do you know what bull is yours?

We will do what is called a “Chute Draw”. There will be an order in which each person will get on. Whatever bull is loaded in the chute at that particular time, will be the bull the rider gets on. You will not be able to pick your bull or trade with anyone. You draw what you draw. The bulls in the championship round will be drawn ahead of time, in order from 1 – 10. Whoever is the #1 rider coming back to the championship round, will get on the bull drawn #1, and so forth down the line.

Is there a weight limit to get on a bull at Bull Party?

There is. You must be under 230 pounds to be able to ride. Even though the bulls are perfectly strong enough to hold a 250 pound person, we would rather not put that extra stress on them.

If I change my mind and don’t want to get on, do I get a refund?

You have up until 14 days before the event to be eligible for a refund. Inside the 14 days, there will be NO refunds. The contractors need to pull the bulls off pasture and haul the bulls to the event. This takes time and money, and if someone is not going to attend, we need to know at least 14 days in advance.

Will there be medical professionals on site?

There will be. We will have two EMT teams at the event. Both of which will have an ambulance on hand.

Can participants ride with a Go Pro or other technology devices?

You absolutely can. However, you must tell the Bull Party team what your plans are when checking in that morning. They will need to know what you are wearing and where on your body you plan to wear it. If it could be harmful to the bulls in anyway, you will not be allowed to wear it. Also, if it breaks during the ride or injures the rider, you are solely responsible for damage to the device and any harm you may endure.