Courage is fear holding
on a minute longer.

– George S. Patton

Looking for your 15 minutes of fame? Keep looking. On the back of a bull it only takes 8 seconds to make history. Those 8 seconds will change your life. Live now. Worry Later. Grab life by the horns.

You'll never forget your first bull riding experience. We didn't.

Always the life of the party

We’re just cowboys from Colorado who love the sport of bull riding. Growing up in bull riding families, we have never known anything else. We have competed in or been around bull riding events almost before we could walk.

We want to show you this world that we love. An increasingly misunderstood sport, bull riding is the ultimate extreme sport. It incorporates the love of family and animals. The bond between you and the other athletes, and the love and admiration you gain for the animal athletes is truly special. It’s an athletic, and intense competition. The sport is both mentally and physically challenging. A true test of a person’s fortitude.

Who is actually

Running this show, anyhow?

Cody Wood


Cody is an honest and empathetic gentleman. He grew up in rodeo watching his father and uncle compete in bull riding. He naturally fell into the sport, but as a driven man has enjoyed pushing the bounds. Once in a Wild West Show he enjoyed the thrill and challenge of riding a buffalo. He loves how bull riding and rodeo embody pure emotion in a person: from the love of family to the raw fear of climbing onto the back of a bull. Cody runs many of the core business functions: marketing, finance, sales, and operations.

Casey Decker

Vice President/Owner

Casey is a friendly, animated go-getter. His father rode bareback horses, but Casey quickly fell in love with bull riding instead. He loves the camaraderie and community among bull-riding athletes. Two-time CBR finalist and bull riding champion of Oakdale, CA, Casey is a decorated professional bull rider. He truly believes that bull riding is the greatest sport on the planet and wants to give everyone the opportunity to participate. Casey is responsible for sales and marketing.

Joey Wood

Owner/VP of CowboySpot Angels

Joey is an intelligent, compassionate and genuine person. Joey has spent her whole life caring for animals. She grew up being heavily involved in 4-H and other agriculture activities. If an animal or person is in need of help, Joey is always the first to step up and volunteer. Although she’s never rode bulls, she has immense respect for the sport and athletes. She loves the way that bull-riding epitomizes toughness. It is 8 seconds of your life that you will tell stories about forever. Joey handles marketing applications, promotions, and runs CowboySpot Angels.

Sherry Decker


Sherry brings sunshine and warmth into whatever room she’s in. She loves to learn about and care for the bulls. She appreciates their sheer athleticism and personality. She’s excited to be a part of Bull Party because for her, it’s the missing piece to the puzzle. As people become increasingly less experienced with animals, the best way to bridge the gap, is through education. Bull Party provides that exact platform.

Casey Koeppen


Casey is a mountain man with an easy laugh. Never one to turn away from a challenge, Casey has been riding bulls his whole life. His favorite part of this sport is the brotherhood among riders. He’s been known to get more excited over a friend’s winning ride, then his own. Casey is the 2005 Colorado State Champion (CPRA).

I’m at a loss for words… My first experience was life changing! It became a part of my life. I was 19, fearless, and ready to hit the road. Bull riding becomes something you eat, sleep, and breathe. It’s not for the weak minded. I am forever a different kind of man!

Ian Mather

It’s hard to put into words, the feeling you get when you climb onto a 1500 lbs, pissed off bull… Terrified, excited, happy, it’s an adrenaline rush like no other. There is a strange peacefulness when you settle in on the back of the bull. Just before you nod your head, you pray you can hold on and stay safe. It’s just you and this amazing animal. It’s so pure and natural, man versus beast. It is truly a feeling like no other.

Mike Franklin

Riding a bull for the first time was the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever felt. Followed by an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Josh Fleck

"The first time I went to a rodeo I knew I wanted to test myself in the arena. Cody and the Bull Party crew made it happen. There is no feeling or adrenaline rush like stepping onto a bull. I really appreciated the attention and training I got from these guys, an unforgettable experience."

Come party with us.

We’re changing the face of bull riding.